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3-in-1 Plow

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Heavy Duty Straight Blade, Wing Plow, and Box Plow All Together

Imagine having a Heavy Duty Straight Blade, Wing Plow, and Box Plow mounted on the same loader, all at the same time. No more returning to the shop to swap out plows. No more trying to make a Straight Blade do the work of a Box Plow. You don't have to imagine any longer because Daniels 3-in-1 Plow is here! With a flick of a switch, from inside the cab, this fully hydraulic plow transforms from a Straight Blade to a Box Plow, or any shape in between. Each Wing can be controlled separately, and the entire plow hydro turns 35° in either direction, for an unlimited combination of shapes that best match snow and surface conditions. Pros have used the Daniels Wing Plow with Patented Pusher Kit for years to move large quantities of snow quickly. Now they can enjoy the additional benefits of having a Straight Blade and Box Plow built into the same piece of equipment.

Model #3122 has 42" Height, 12' Center Board with 5' Independently pivoting Wings. 22' Width when straight, Wings adjustable from 1 degree to 90°. Converts to a 12' Box Plow with 5' side plates. Leading edge of Wings are tapered and reinforced with an angled shoe for safety when approaching curbs. 3/4" x 8" Reversible Steel Cutting Edge. Hydro turn the 3-in-1 DANIELS Plow 35° left and right in any position.

The Daniels 3-in-1 Plow utilizes the hydraulics from your loader's 3rd valve. Connect the loader's 3rd valve lines to the 3-in-1 Plow to angle left and right 35° and pivot the wings to the degree needed. Relief is built into the hydraulic manifold to relieve pressure to the 3in1 Plow as it angles when an obstruction is met. Electric switch is supplied with the 3-in-1 Plow with three positions to control the angling of the plow and each wing to any degree independently.

  • Double-acting Angle Cylinders w/ 35 Degree maximum plow angling
  • Double-acting Wing Cylinders w/ 90 Degree maximum wing rotation
  • Hydraulic Sequencing manifold with plow angle relief built in Preset Pressures on manifold valves
  • Electric three position switch for angling and independent wing pivot control
  • Electrical quick disconnect fittings to manifold solenoids
  • Full Moldboard Trip

Plow Width 18' 20' 22'
Center Plow 12' 12' 12'
Each Wing 3' 4' 5'
Box Size 12' 12' 12'
When Hydro turned
*In Straight Position
14' 9" 16' 5" 18'
Moldboard Height 42" 42" 42"
Moldboard Material 10 Gauge 10 Gauge 10 Gauge
Reinforcement Material 5/16" Min. 5/16" Min. 5/16" Min.
Tripping Points 7 7 7
Trip Springs 8 10 12
Weight (lbs.) 3600 3800 4000
Wear Edge 3/4 x 8
3/4 x 8
3/4 x 8
Recommended Minimum Loader Size (lbs.) 25,000 28,500 32,000