Training Courses

Safe & Effective Operation and Maintenance

ARFF Operator Course

2 OR 4 DAY


To enable personnel to operate the vehicle, and perform basic operator functions of the vehicle and it's fire fighting systems confidently.


Vehicle Familiarization

  • External Vehicle Familiarization
  • Vehicle Data and Specifications
  • Instruments and Cab Controls

Daily Operation Checks

  • Vehicle Daily Walk Around Procedures
  • Lubrication & Fluid Checks
  • Proper Use of the Storage Compartments

Vehicle Driving

  • Engine Start Up and Shutdown
  • Considerations Before you Drive
  • Considerations While you Drive
  • Using the Driveline Locking System
  • LG Alert Functionality
  • Driving Operations

Vehicle Operation – Agent Controls

  • Water Pump and Foam System
  • Roof Turret Control System
  • Bumper Turret Control System
  • Under Truck Nozzle Operation
  • Side Discharge Operation
  • Water and Foam Filling Procedures
  • Agent Operation

Dry Chemical Agent System

  • Dry Chemical Agent Operation
  • Nitrogen Bottle Loading
  • Agent System Maintenance Checks

Foam System – Electrical & Manual

  • System Familiarization
  • Training Controls


Customized courses are available and can be designed to meet your training requirements.