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The BEST idea you ever had

Developed by carefully listening to people who operate, maintain and manage snow removal fleets at airports around the world, the H-Series snow chassis has got it all. More cab room. Greater operator visibility. Awesome performance and unmatched Oshkosh reliability. All backed by world-class service and parts support available 24/7. The H-Series can seamlessly integrate with a variety of plows, scrapers and brooms to give airport crews the flexibility to respond to winter storms with force and without hesitation.


It’s not just the look of the H-Series™ chassis that’s so impressive. It’s the look out. A much larger windshield, with 40% more glass and no corner posts. Rear three-quarter windows eliminate blind spots. Light bars are placed out of sight lines. Lower front windows give you a bird’s-eye view of attachments. The windshield stays clear with better wiper coverage and an improved defroster system. In every way, the H-Series is designed to give the operator an unparalleled view of the airport and its obstacles.


Pilots, passengers, airport traffic control. They don’t care if you’re brooming a foot of powder or throwing two-foot windrows over the lights. They just want to see bare runway. The H-Series is built to seamlessly integrate with a variety of blowers, plows, scrapers and brooms to adapt to your requirements.


The H-Series cab responds with a host of features that will make operators as comfortable as they are productive. Like a cab that’s a full 10” wider and 10” deeper. Improved sound insulation for better communication. Two full size seats to accommodate a supervisor/training officer. Easier to operate digital climate control. Add in two doors, power roll-down windows, and yes, even cup holders, and operators will find that putting in a little overtime is anything but hard time.


An unwavering commitment to safety has long been a priority at Oshkosh. As is evident in the H-Series snow chassis. Unmatched power and speed are combined with built-in advanced safety features. These include emergency stop button for components, a joystick that only engages when the driver is ready, and on-dash error messages that tell operators what safety interlock is blocking a selected action.


Type: Dry, two-stage with safety element
 Underhood/outside air intake selector

AXLE, Front:

  • Make &Type:Oshkosh Model 27K, single reduction with special heat-treated alloy steel
    shafts, driver-controlled traction differential and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends
  • Ratio: 6.17:1

AXLE, Rear:

  • Make & Model Eaton 17427, full floating, single reduction with special heat-treated alloy steel shafts and driver-controlled traction differential
  • Ratio: 6.14:1


  • Type: Spring, mounted on rear axle.
  • Secondary Emergency System: Modulated split type
    • Auxiliary air inlet, left side
    • Quick drain lanyards on all tanks


  • Type: Dual system, air operated mechanical, Electronic Antilock Brake System (4S4M)
  • Front: 16.5 x 7 in [419 x 179 mm] S-cam rotary
  • Rear: 16.5 x 5 in [419 x 127 mm] S-cam rotary
  • Compressor: 18.7 cfm


  • Oshkosh extra heavy duty
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Aluminum body with fiberglass roof and fascia
  • Full-length stainless steel piano type door hinges
  • Fully rustproofed
  • One piece panoramic
  • Reverse slope windshield
  • Power windows left and right
  • Stationary rear windows (3)
  • Dome lights (2)
  • Courtesy entry lights (2)
  • Tinted safety glass
  • 70 inch cab width
  • Three-point rubber mount


  • Electric horn
  • National Standard Plus air ride driver’s seat, right of center
  • Fold up cloth passenger seat
  • 55,000 BTU heater/defroster
  • Digital Climate Control
  • 12 volt Power outlet (1)
  • Cup holders (2)
  • Doors, (2) locking
  • Electronic engine controls with on-board diagnostics integral with Oshkosh Command Zone®
  • Electric remote control heated West Coast type mirrors with separate remote adjustable heated spotter mirrors
  • Ether starting aid, thermally protected, ignition switch activated
  • Keyed chassis engine
  • Floor mat
  • Fresh air type heater and defroster
  • Grab Handles
  • LCD dash display
  • Light bars
  • Quad electric windshield wipers mounted above windshield with intermittent speed control
  • Self-canceling turn signals
  • Side window defrosters
  • Sun visor, front and side
  • Tilt/telescoping steering wheel
  • Windshield washer, 6 quarts
  • Three point seat belts
  • High idle cruise control
  • Digital clock / outside air temperature


Oshkosh Command Zone® LCD dash pod on steering column:

  • Odometer
  • Tachometer
  • Hourmeter (registering engine run hours)
  • Voltmeter
  • Air system pressure (dual system)
  • Fuel level with low fuel level warning
  • Low air pressure

Warning Icons For:

  • Low Air Pressure
  • ABS Warning
  • ABS Communication lost
  • Engine Communication lost
  • Engine Stop
  • Check Engine
  • Low Voltage
  • Engine overheat
  • Engine low oil pressure
  • Transmission overheat
  • Check Transmission
  • Transmission communication lost
  • Hydraulic temperature
  • Hydraulic fluid level
  • Parking Brake Applied
  • Low transmission oil sensor
  • Transfer case range
  • Traction enhancement locked/unlocked
  • Transmission gear selection


  • Air dryer
  • Backup alarm
  • Crankshaft PTO adapter 
  • Dual 125 gal [473 L] fuel tanks
  • Flat top steel fenders
  • Full catwalks
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Mud flaps front and rear of rear tires
  • One-piece molded fiberglass tilting engine cover, carrier engine
  • Vertical exhaust with stainless steel shield


  • Radiator Core: Fin and tube type with built-in deaeration system • Horizontal flow
  • Frontal Area: 1,080 sq in [6,967sq cm]
  • Radiator Construction: Bolted, with separate deaeration system
  • Charge Air Cooler: Cooling flow parallel to radiator
  • Fan: Temperature-controlled clutch, two-speed


  • Make & Type: Cummins ISX 11.9, in-line 6 cylinder, four cycle
  • Displacement: 729 in3 [11.9 L]
  • Horsepower: 354 @ 2,100 rpm
  • Peak Torque: 1,350 lb ft @ 1,200 rpm
  • Governed RPM: 2,100


  • Alternator: 200 amp, chassis engine driven
  • Lighting: 12 volt
  • Starting: 12 volt
  • Battery: Four 12 volt, 950 CCA each @ 0°F [-18°C] (3800 CCA total)


  • Material: Carbon manganese steel, heat-treated
  • Type: Single formed channel
  • Size: 12.38 x 3.88 x .38 in [314 x 98 x 9.5 mm]
  • Yield Strength: 120,000 psi [827 Mpa] minimum
  • Tapered Section Modulus: 19.67 to 23.49 in3 [322.34 to 384.94 cm3] per rail
  • RBM: 2,818,000 in-lb per rail
  • Construction: Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged locknuts
  • Front Frame Extension: 24 inches
  • Rear Tow Hooks: Two Bumper: Straight rear bumper, full width


  • Cab-mounted headlights with turn signals
  • Clearance and marker lights to comply with federal regulations
  • Engine compartment lights
  • Fender-mounted headlights and turn signals
  • Roof-mounted strobe light
  • Dual back-up lights
  • Dual stop, tail, turn signal lights (LED) at rear


  • Acrylic urethane
  • Epoxy primer
  • One color from Oshkosh standard color chart


  • Make & Model: Dana 1710 Series
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Splines: “Glidecoat” treated


  • Make & Type: Sheppard XD120 integral hydraulic power gear
  • Chassis Hydraulics Warning System: Low level/high temperature


  • Front: Type: Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 3 in [1,219 x 76 mm]
  • Auxiliary: 5 leaf, 39.63 x 3 in [1,006 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 27,000 lb [12,247 kg]
  • Rear: Type: Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 3 in [1,219 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 18,000 lb [8,165 kg]


  • Make & Tread: Michelin XZL
  • Size: 395/85R20 - 20 ply


  • Make & Model: Oshkosh 55000 Series, rear axle declutch
  • Speeds: Two with Oshkosh SmartShift®
  • Ratio: 2.66:1 and 0.98:1
  • *Versions are available with rear axle disconnect, bevel gear center differential with driver-controlled lock, or
    automatic (Dorr-Miller) differential


ALLISON® Rugged Duty Series4-speed electronic
1st ............3.51:1 Reverse ............4.80:1
2nd ...........1.91:1
3rd ............1.43:1
4th ............1.00:1


Ratings at Axle Hubs:

  • Front: 27,000 lb [12,247 kg]
  • Rear: 23,000 lb [10,432 kg]
  • Total: 50,000 lb [40,823 kg]


  • 164 in [4,166 mm]


  • Type: Steel Disc
  • Size: 20.00 x 10.00 in


  • 29K Front Axle Rating
  • Oshkosh ALL STEER® electronic all wheel steering system (23K and 26K)
  • AM/FM radio with CD player and Weather band
  • Integral air conditioning
  • Reverse slope windshield
  • Heated windshield
  • Power windows
  • Side window wipers
  • Cummins 385, 425,500
  • Engine block heater (120V or 240V)
  • 160 amp alternator
  • High idle/cruise control
  • Various lighting packages
  • Master battery disconnect at battery
  • On-board battery charger (20 amp self regulating)
  • Jump start lugs at battery box
  • Pintle hook
  • Controlled traction differential in rear axle
  • Heated expello-valve on wet tank
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Bevel gear differential in transfer case
  • Provisions for underbody blade
  • Provisions for trailer electric