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The P-Series and MPT-Series snow chassis are an unstoppable workhorse for demanding snow removal operations. Unlike many commercial vehicles that are adapted to plow snow, the P-Series and MPT-Series are engineered and built to lead the pack in the most severe winter conditions.

The P-Series and MPT-Series have all the strength, durability, reliability and value you've come to expect from over 50 years of Oshkosh expertise. These chassis can seamlessly integrate with a variety of plows, scrapers, bodies, de-icers and brooms to give airport crews the flexibility to respond to winter storms with full force and without hesitation.


Superior durability comes from road-proven transfer case and the Oshkosh steering drive axle with closed-wheel end design and heat-treated alloy axle shafts. The steering axle’s adjustable tapered-roller trunnion bearings are engineered to easily handle the side loads encountered under severe snow-removal conditions.


Easy-to-reach controls are logically located on an instrument panel that’s easy to remove for repair or
replacement of gauges. A convenient touch-pad gear selector (automatic transmission) is at the driver’s fingertips. Side-window defrosters are integrated into the dash, and reset-type circuit breakers
are easily accessed from a panel on the dash’s right side.


An air-ride driver’s seat delivers maximum comfort, while a flat floor provides comfortable accelerator
and brake pedal locations, and makes cleaning the cab very simple.


The P-Series and MPT-Series allow full front suspension travel, thanks to our from the-ground-up design emphasis. That same dedicated design provides greater clearance from the engine oil pan to the front axle bowl than competitive models and conversions. That means a smoother ride and less strain on major components over time.


Safety and productivity are enhanced with a reverse-slope windshield, top-mounted windshield
wipers, and optional side-window wipers. All dramatically reduce snow and ice build up, and help prevent wiper damage. Plus, a short hood  means superior visibility from the driver’s seat.


Plows, dump spreaders and other equipment can be added quickly, without having to first move other components. Number- and color coded wiring harnesses and weatherproof electrical connectors assure easy identification and repair, as well as easy installation of dealer-installed lighting.


We use a three-point system of attaching the cab to the vehicle with rubber mount cushions, so shocks, vibrations and torsional strains from roads are absorbed without transferring them to the cab.


Our heavy-duty fin-and-tube-type radiator has a full 1,000 square inches of cooling area. Its steel
frame and tanks are bolted to a copper core for superior strength and longevity. Mounted above the
frame rails, the radiator location allows room for easy installation of a crankshaft-driven PTO.


Engine access and equipment mounting are a cinch, thanks to cutaway fenders and a butterfly hood. Daily oil checks can be done from the ground through a small hatch in the hood. And the easy-to-remove fenders give quick, full accessibility for more extensive engine maintenance.


Make and Type: Donaldson ECG dry type, two stage; Inside/outside air intake, manually controlled


Make and Model: Oshkosh 25K, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts and Oshkosh cage ring type steering ends
Ratio: 6.17:1, other ratios available 

Make and Model: Oshkosh 20K, single reduction with special heat treated alloy steel shafts and oshkosh cage ring type steering ends


Make and Model:

  • ArvinMeritor RS 26-185, 26K single (4 x 4) [standard]
  • ArvinMeritor RS 30-185, 30K single (4 x 4) [optional]
  • ArvinMeritor RS 38-380, 38K single (4 x 4) [optional]
  • ArvinMeritor RT 46-160, 46K tandem (6 x 6) [standard]
  • ArvinMeritor RT 52-185, 52K tandem (6 x 6) [optional]
  • ArvinMeritor RT 58-185, 58K tandem (6 x 6) [optional]

Make and Model:

  • ArvinMeritor RS 26-185, 23K single (4 x 4) [standard]


Type: Spring brakes mounted on rear axle
Secondary Emergency System: Modulated split type


  • Type: Dual system, anti-lock, air operated mechanical
  • Size: Front - 16.5 x 7.0 in [419 mm x 178 mm] Rotary S-cam, 434 sq in [2,800 sq cm] per axle
  • Rear: (4x4) 16.5 x 7.0 in [419 x 178 mm] Rotary S-cam, 434 sq in [2,800 sq cm] per axle
  • Rear: (6x6) 868 in2 [5,600 sq cm] per tandem
  • Air System: Reservoir capacity, 6530 cubic inches, Air dryer, AD-IS integral with wet tank; Compressor 15.7 cfm 


  • Construction: Oshkosh extra heavy-duty All steel construction with galvannealed exterior
  • Full length piano type door hinges with stainless steel hinge pins
  • Full width stationary rear window
  • Fully rust-proofed
  • One-piece reverse slope windshield
  • RH door curb window
  • Tinted safety glass throughout
  • 3-point rubber mounted
  • 72 in [1,829 mm] cab width

Standard Accessories:

  • Air and electric horns
  • Air horn snow shield
  • Bostrom® Sierra Air 400RX driver seat and passenger seat
  • Dual top mounted electric windshield wipers with intermittent speed control
  • Fresh air type heater and defroster
  • Self-canceling turn signals
  • Three-point seat belts
  • Tilt/telescoping steering column
  • West Coast heated motorized mirrors with integral separately controlled convex lens
  • Windshield washer


  • Gauges, multiplex panel: fuel level, coolant temperature, dual air system pressure, voltmeter, speedometer, tachometer with engine hourmeter
  • Low air pressure buzzer-light
  • Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature warning lights and buzzer
  • Manual reset type circuit breakers
  • Transmission temperature light
  • Transfer case hi-lo indicator 


  • Air dryer
  • Cable drain, inside air tank
  • Back-up alarm
  • Butterfly type fiberglass hood
  • Crankshaft PTO adapter
  • Single 50 gal (189 L) fuel tank under left hand door
  • Single piece steel fenders
  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Battery box under right hand door
  • Vertical cab mounted exhaust
  • Ether start
  • Stainless steel grille
  • 2-ft integral frame extension at front for equipment mounting
  • Access steps, front
  • Frame mounted tow hooks (2) rear 


  • Radiator Core: Fin and tube type
  • Frontal Area: 1,100 sq in [7,097 sq cm]
  • Radiator Construction: Bolted, with built-in deaeration system
  • Transmission/Converter Oil Cooler: Oil-to-water type
  • Engine Air Intake Cooler: Mounted in front of radiator
  • Fan: Temperature controlled clutch with engine mounted fan ring


  • Alternator: 200 amp
  • Lighting: 12 volt
  • Starting: 12 volt
  • Battery: Three 12 volt, 950 CCA each @ 0°F [-18°C] (2,850 CCA total)



  • Make and Type: Cummins ISX 
  • Displacement: 11.9 L 
  • Horsepower: 320 - 450 @ 2,100 rpm 
  • Governed RPM: 2,100
  • Engine Protection: Low oil pressure/high coolant temperature automatic power derate system


  • Make and Type: Cummins ISX
  • Displacement: 11.9L
  • Horsepower: 320@ 2,100 rpm
  • Governed rpm - 2,100


  • Material: Carbon manganese steel, heat-treated
  • Type: Single formed channel
  • Size: 12.38 x 3.88 x .38 in [314 x 98 x 9.5 mm]
  • Yield Strength: 120,000 psi [827 Mpa ] minimum
  • Section Modulus: 23.49 cu in [384.93 cu cm] per rail
  • RBM: 2,818,000 in-lb [308 844 N•m] per rail
  • Construction: Grade 8 bolts and locknuts 


  • Clearance and marker lights comply with federal regulations
  • Fender height head lights with integral turn signals
  • Rear-mounted stop/tail/turn signal lights with back up light
  • Cab light bar for custom light installations 


  • Two-part acrylic urethane
  • One prime coat of 2-part epoxy
  • One color from Oshkosh standard color chart


Make and Model

  • Front: Dana 1710 Series
  • Rear (4x4): Dana 1710 Series
  • Rear (6x6): Dana 1810 Series
  • Inter-Axle: Dana 1710 Series
  • Dynamically Balanced Splines - “Glidecoat” treated


Make and Model: Sheppard 592S integral hydraulic power gear


  • Front: Type - Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 7 leaf, 48 x 3 in [1,219 x 76 mm]
  • Auxiliary: 5 leaf, 39.63 x 3 in [1,006 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 25,000 lb [11,340 kg]
  • Rear (4x4): Type- Hotchkiss, semi-elliptic spring
  • Main: 15 leaf, 50.13 x 3 in [1,273 x 76 mm]
  • Auxiliary: 6 leaf, 34 x 3 in [864 x 76 mm]
  • Rating: 27,000 lb [12,247 mm]
  • Rear (6x6): Type- Hendrickson® steel leaf spring, RT-460
  • Rating: 46,000 lb [20,965 kg]



  • Front (4x4): 395/85R20 - 20 ply
  • Rear (4x4): 395/85R20 - 20 ply
  • Front (6x6): 395/85R20 - 20 ply
  • Rear (6x6): 395/85R20 - 20 ply
  • Type: Radial
  • Tread: Michelin XZL    

*Various configurations are available.


  • Oshkosh Smart-Shift electric over air control range shifter
  • Model 55000: 2 speed 4x4 – Dorr-Miller auto locking differential
  • Ratios: 2.66:1 Low, 0.98:1 High 6x6 – Front axle disconnect


(4x4) WB 158” CA 91” AE 35”
(6x6) WB 175" CT 109" TE 56"
*Other wheel bases and dimension combinations available. Consult factory.


  • Size: Front (4x4) - 20.00 x 10.00
  • Rear: (4x4) - 20.00 x 10.00
  • Front: (6x6) - 20.00 x 10.00
  • Rear: (6x6) - 20.00 x 10.00
  • Type: Steel disc

*Various configurations are available.

  • Oshkosh ALL STEER® electronic all wheel steering system (26K, 46K, and 52K rear only)
  • AM/FM radio with CD player and Weather band
  • Integral air conditioning
  • High output cab heater
  • Heated windshield
  • Power windows
  • Side window wipers
  • Cab air suspension
  • C-13 ACERT @ 430 and 470 HP
  • Engine brake
  • Engine block heater (120V or 240V)
  • 160 amp alternator
  • High idle/cruise control
  • Various lighting packages
  • Master battery disconnect at battery
  • On-board battery charger (20 amp self regulating)
  • Jump start lugs at battery box
  • Four batteries for total 3800 CCA
  • Pintle hook
  • Single tank fuel capacity of 75, 100, and 120 gallons, left hand side
  • Controlled traction differential in rear axle
  • Heated expello-valve on wet tank
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Bevel gear differential in transfer case (4 x 4 only)
  • Provisions for underbody blade
  • Provisions for trailer electric