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Two Plows Are Better Than One!

The Daniels Pull Plow doesn't replace your front-mounted plow - it complements it by cleanly removing snow and ice from those hard-to-plow areas that your front mounted plow simply isn't designed to efficiently handle.

Thanks to 2,000 lbs. of downward hydraulic pressure, residential driveways, loading dock areas and circle drives are cleared in record time - right down to the pavement! Since your snow removal actions are always done while moving forward, it's much safer than backdragging snow into a crowded, busy street!

The Daniels Pull Plow fits virtually any 4WD vehicle equipped with a 2" receiver-type hitch.

Thanks to the Patented SPEEDHITCH™ - Hook-up is Fast and Easy!

  1. Simply connect the SPEEDHITCH™ to the truck's standard 2" receiver-type hitch and connect the hooks to the truck frame using the included turnbuckles.
  2. Connect the drawbar arms to the "ears" on the T-bar, then connect the horizontal arm.
  3. The entire plow assembly can be removed from the truck in under 30 seconds, freeing the rear of the truck for other uses.

External Hydraulic Containment Boxes are standard for mounting the power units with the plow at the back of the truck instead of in the engine compartment. The Hydraulic Containment Box comes supplied with a wire harness which runs to the vehicle's battery and a control switch into the cab. Clean, contained, out of the way, and accessible for maintenance. Easily installed and removed with the lift assembly. Does not affect the fast and easy 1, 2, 3 Hook Up.

Daniel's "NEW" T-Bar Mount pins into the 2" Receiver Hitch and is secured by attaching turnbuckles to the truck frame.

No more welding to the hitch. Installation time is cut in half without sacrificing strength or the easy on and off.

Hydraulics: All models

  • Pump make: Monarch
  • Cycle time: 2.5 seconds
  • Oil capacity: 2 qts.
  • Fluid type: 1000 wt. auto trans fluid
  • Down pressure set at 2,000 lbs.

Clearances: All models

  • Rear of bumper to end of plow: 26"
  • Maximum lift height-side plates: 12"
  • Maximum lift height-rear of plow: 18"

Recommended Application

  • 80" - 1/2 ton trucks
  • 90" - 3/4 and 1 ton trucks
  • 96" - 3/4 and 1 ton trucks (dually)

Model Number 8001 9001 9601
Plow Width 80"
Overall Dimensions
Weight (lbs.) 300 325 350
Height 19" 19" 19"
Material Specifications
Moldboard 3/16" 3/16" 3/16"
Side plates 3/8" 3/8"3/8"
Draw bar arms 1" x 2" 1" x 2" 1" x 2"
Wear bar - Material AR400 (non-reversible)1/4" x 5" 1/4" x 5" 1/4" x 5"