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Maximize your response with the Oshkosh exclusive Snozzle.

The Oshkosh® exclusive Snozzle® arms you against the greatest, most extreme ARFF threats. Choose from a 50 ft. or 65 ft. extendable boom. Unleash your attack from every angle – in the air, on the ground, far below grade. Penetrate fire on both sides of the aircraft with intense precision. Cool tight spaces through doorways and over wing exits without ever stepping foot inside the plane.

Leading technology for leading manufacturing.

The SNOZZLE® is the recognized industry leading product in the high reach extendable turret category of products and has become one of the most innovative products for fire suppression agent delivery in emergency situations. It is a multi-function, quick attack tool that redefines firefighting performance by aggressively extinguishing fires without delay and gives the operator instantaneous capability to place suppression agents at the fire source. The SNOZZLE® comes in 50 and 65 foot lengths.

Patented fire suppression technology

The SNOZZLE® apparatus features a piercing nozzle that can strategically enter an aircraft’s passenger cabin, cargo compartment or other structure for direct application of firefighting agents. The lightweight, highly flexible extendable turret can operate as an elevated water tower through a doorway or over a wing exit without endangering firefighters. The product's patented ability to shoot a full master stream at ground level allows for quick and effective cooling of burning aircraft tires and hot brakes. In addition, the SNOZZLE® can reach down at or below grade where it can successfully employ the "seat of the fire" method of attacking a fuel spill fire.

Serviced by world-class Oshkosh support

The addition of the SNOZZLE® product line is an exciting development for Oshkosh Airport Products and you can be assured that we will apply our industry-leading quality standards to the production of this equipment and our worldwide, 24/7 after market support.