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VersaTach Plow

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Incredibly Efficient

Leading edges of wings are curved and reinforced with an angled shoe for safety when approaching curbs.

  • Hydroturn the VersaTach Plow 35° left and right in any position.
  • Double-acting Angle Cylinders with 35° maximum plow angling.
  • Double-acting Wing Cylinders with 90° maximum wing rotation.
  • Hydraulic cylinder rods are black nitride treated for 5x corrosion resistance and extreme durability.
  • Hydraulic Sequencing Manifold with plow angle relief built-in.
  • Preset Pressures on manifold valves.
  • Electric three position switch for angling and independent wing pivot control.
  • Electrical quick disconnect fittings to manifold solenoids.
  • Full Moldboard Trip.
  • Drive straight on a trailer to easily cover multiple sites.

Model NumberVT12
Plow Width *In Straight Postion12.5'
Plow Outside Width *In Box Postion8'
Center Plow Width6.5'
Each Wing (when straight, independently pivoting wings adjustable
from 1 degree to 90 degrees)
Inside Box Width6'
Width When Hydroturned *In Straight Postion10'
Moldboard Height27"
Moldboard Material11 Gauge
Reinforcement Material1/4" Min.
Tripping Points5
Trip Springs4
Weight (lbs.)1500
15003/4" x 8"
Minimum Loader Size (lbs.)6,000

  • Standard adjustable skid steer quick connect and loader mount.
  • Skid shoes and curb guards available on request.